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This is NOT like other lesson sites that are "pre-recorded & pre-determined".

It is not possible for a pre-recorded video to focus on YOUR specific needs and growth as a player!

    There is no "app" to run you around in circles with busy work here. 

Busy work that never reaches any real goal, and MAYBE at best teaches you PART of a song.

(( Real LIVE 1-on-1 lessons )) are the only thing that will not just teach you to be the best guitar player possible, but also to be a competent, confident AND literate MUSICAIN!


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1-on-1 live internet lessons include clean HD animation of music notation, tabs,

chord charts, neck and scale grids.  

all projected into the live lesson, onto your phone, tablet, or BIG flat-screen HD-TV! 


Acoustic online guitar lesson.jpg

7ths Arpeggios Lick lesson

Satch Boogie Cover

 free how to play links

With over 30 years of experience, I offer private lessons for Guitar, Bass guitar, and Piano. Focusing on the students needs, I create a personal, organized practice system to follow.


Call to book lessons.


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